"For decades, a good boot could be determined by its weight. Cat Footwear's new Excavator Superlite challenges this."

Our new Excavator Superlite is well, just that- Superlite. We job site tested our Excavator Superlite in one of the toughest cities we know, Detroit, and gave real workers a sneak peek to test our our newest addition to the Excavator collection. Check out Footwear News’ write up, below:


For decades, the mark of a good work boot could be determined by its weight. A hefty pair often meant it had all the requisite technical tools to protect a worker’s feet, from steel toes to sturdy uppers.

But Cat Footwear’s new Excavator Superlite challenges that old chestnut. The brand reworked the boot’s midsole to be significantly lighter, using waterproof, full-grain leather, an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole and toe bumper. Available for men and women alike, the boot gives new meaning to being a lightweight.

“For decades, a good boot could be determined by its weight. Cat Footwear’s new Excavator Superlite challenges this.”

To prove all of this, the brand sent pairs of the boots to a group of construction workers in Detroit to have them test out all of the functions on the job. The boot may look a bit chunky, with that bulbous rubberized toe, but it’s as lightweight as many of the sneakers currently on the market (let’s also not forget how bulky athletic shoes have become over the years — we’re looking at you, Balenciaga Triple S).

Over the past year, Cat has been expanding its repertoire to bridge the gap between its technical work boots and lifestyle options. The result is not only the Excavator Superlite but a series of boots aimed at other types of work, like those who work in environmental science and require a boot for muckier conditions.

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