We looked to you to share with us how you #KEEPGOING and the answers didn't disappoint.

Inspired by the streets that were built with iconic Caterpillar equipment, the CODE Collection was built to keep you going.

Designed to be versatile, comfortable, and durable to keep the next generation of leaders, remote workers, and other go-getters looking good and feeling strong throughout their day, we knew blurring the lines between work and play wasn’t just a trend- it’s the new way people are living their life.

The work environment of the 2010’s has transitioned from a nine-to-five model to one fueled by the gig economy, the sharing economy, and a more flexible work-life balance; and people are focused now on buying fewer, better things. The CODE Collection takes the casual feel of a street sneaker and melds it with rugged Cat Footwear DNA.

To put our money where our mouth is, Cat Footwear launched a unique, recurring “Create Your Own Code” venture capital competition on our social during the month of October 2019, asking people to submit their side hustles, their small business goals, and their entrepreneurial dream jobs using the hashtag #KEEPGOING.

The prize? $5,000 to one lucky ambitious entrepreneur to help kickstart their side projects into a new career path.

After reviewing every amazing entry we received, we are proud to announce our first $5,000 winner: breakdancer Kevin Vang of Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Vang plans to use the $5,000 to create a space where athlete-artists can go to hone their skills and to host events and fundraisers for the local urban youth community. “I want to provide people of all ages a chance, whether it be grants, scholarships or free classes,” said Vang. “It takes one idea, moment or in my case, a dance move, to change someone’s life. I want to bring that to as many people as possible.”

Learn more about Kevin Vang on Instagram at @kevinvang.

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