Hidden Women

Meet Our Hidden Women Finalists! 

These five women were chosen for their moving stories of strength, hard work and determination as a woman in work.

Thank you to all those who nominated themselves and/or other tradeswomen in the industry! We’re proud of all the camaraderie, love and support shown to one another 💪🏼👷🏽‍♀️ Onto VOTING! ⤵️


1. Tap the “heart” icon + LIKE the feed post of your chosen finalist (counts as 1 VOTE) on @catfootwear‘s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all 3!)

2. Share the finalist’s feed post from @catfootwear in your stories (on Instagram) and tag @catfootwear (counts as an EXTRA VOTE).

The Grand Prize winner will be selected based on both the number of shares accumulated on social media, as well as her story of accomplishment as a women in the work industry.

Voting Period: open May 1- May 15. Winner will be announced on May 24, 2020.


“I nominate my best friend, who is [currently] an industrial electrician. She has been the minority in all her professions as she’s climbed her way up often being the only woman on the job and always held her head high and proud doing what she loves! She deserves this. She was working as an Automotive Mechanic while pregnant with her son, working up until he was delivered!” – @gizellehernandez


“Monica is a Project Management professional with 5 years of experience handling $1-$5M projects in construction, sports, commercial, retail, hotel and residential. Currently, she’s an active member of the Women of Project Management.” – @taesig_


“I’ve been on job sites since 6 years old following my dad’s every footstep. Getting my general contractors license was one of the best things I have ever done. I joined two local Home Builders Associations, currently serve on the Board of Directors for the @saltlakehomebuilders and leadership for the Utah Professional Women in Building. I’ve been blessed with an incredible opportunity to wake up every day and go to work doing something I LOVE! Construction runs in my blood and I am so excited for the opportunity to share my passion with young women, our future generation!”


“I’m a heavy Equipment mechanic for a local coal mine. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always loved the big haul trucks and when I got the chance to work on them I jumped on it. I moved over 1200 miles away from home to follow my dream. I absolutely love working on heavy Equipment. I have yet to meet another woman heavy Equipment mechanic. It’s not an easy job to get into, especially not for smaller girls like me. I’m trying to change that. Don’t let being the only girl stop you. Don’t let being small stop you. You just need unwavering determination and the drive to never take no for an answer.”


“A year ago I was working full-time as an engineer when I decided to start a little side business I named @arborhavenhome. I started out making small things such as wood signs, but my love for woodworking grew fast and I started making larger things like furniture and wood wall art. Whenever I wasn’t working at my engineering job, I was in my garage making something out of wood. Then November came and after a lot of thinking, debating, and praying I decided to take a huge, scary leap and leave my engineering job to go full-time with my business. It was a big change adjusting to the ‘be your own boss’ lifestyle. I had so much to learn, especially about time management. I got the hang of it though and I’m so grateful to be doing what I love. I look forward to getting in the shop everyday to create pieces for others whether it’s big or small.”

At Cat Footwear, we are setting out to recognize the often under-recognized women in work, or Hidden Women.

Throughout history, women have played a significant role in building our cities, streets and homes. Over the last decade, the total number of women in the construction industry has risen by about 31 percent. However, at Cat Footwear we know there has always been a strong force of powerful women working hard to be a successful force on job sites and we want to shine a light on them.

Women will only continue to influence the industry, reshaping traditional perceptions on who is qualified to craft a career in the trades. By recruiting more women and closing the pay gap, women are forging the path as an example for other industries of all kinds.

At Cat Footwear, we are working hard in everything we do to put into practice our core mission to champion progress to build a better future. Women are still fighting for their rightful recognition on the job-site and have often been overlooked.

Join us in working to lead a shift in not only the footwear industry, but the Women’s Work industry at large to start and lead the conversation to constantly strive for continuous improvement to recognize and support all the hard-working men and women in work.

Tell Us Her Story.

We want to hear from you. Join us in recognizing often #HiddenWomen.

Share with us and the world how a woman you know in the trades and work industry has been making a name for herself in her career and why she deserves to be recognized by using #HiddenWomen and tagging @catfootwear on Instagram. Tag the woman you want to support and then ask her to share her own post to call out another woman that also deserves recognition to keep the support going.

Our mission is to encourage connection, support and community with women across all occupations in the work industry in the support and visibility we can bring to women workers in the pursuit of their passions and careers.

Together, we can bring recognition to the often overlooked force of women everywhere.

Who’s Emily?

Emily Warren Roebling.

The woman behind the man that built the Brooklyn Bridge.

Women throughout history have often been overlooked. Emily Warren Roebling is no exception. She oversaw the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband, Washington A. Roebling, the chief engineer on the project, fell ill.

Roebling took over the massive project- managing and communicating between city officials, workers, and her husband’s bedside to see the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge to completion. She would become the first person to cross the bridge, too — carrying a rooster with her, as the story has it, for good luck.

In 2020, as we look outward to the inspiring women of today, we continue to take a look back at Emily and other women in history who have paved the path for women workers everywhere to continue to blaze their own trails.

How to Enter:

This contest is now closed, but we’d still love to see all the women in work by using #HiddenWomen and tagging @catfootwear.

Grand Prize Announcement
May 24th, 2020

The day Emily Roebling first walked across the completed Brooklyn Bridge, a project she helped to lead, we will be announcing our winner of the #HiddenWomen contest and Grand Prize.

Grand Prize:

  • Emily Warren Roebling Achievement Award recognizing one women in the work industry for her hard work and accomplishments
  • $5,000 to further your career and profession
  • Brand Ambassador to be featured in our social media and marketing for an upcoming new women’s work boot launch

By participating in this contest, you agree to the Official Rules here.


Know an inspiring tradeswomen? Join us in starting a movement to recognize hard-working women and their stories on Instagram by using #hiddenwomen and tagging @catfootwear. 

What does it mean to be a #HiddenWoman 🤔 To me, the majority of women (myself included) are hidden, working in the world of construction. We might be doing behind the scenes work like invoicing and accounting, we could be driving a dumptruck at night when there is zero traffic. We aren’t always seen for the multitude of tasks we perform in this industry, and often it means we also aren’t recognized ⭐️ When I see my trucks driving, I wonder if anyone would think “Hey, I’ll bet a lady owns that!”. When I leave a parking lot after doing a good job of clearing I wonder if anyone might ever think - surely a girl did that 😉 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been working in this field, in almost every capacity, on and off-site for 15 years now. I have yet to meet one person that isn’t surprised this is the work I do. They are always intrigued, they ask me how I got started and what it’s been like... It makes me proud that as women we often have the opportunity to change the perception of what this work and like, and role-model who can do the job 💪🏽 I relate to the Emily Roebling story shared on the catfootwear IG. She was being mentored by her husband from his bedside. I’ve been mentored by great men also. She watched her husbands work closely and was able to take on a massive project when the time called for it. I’ve watched every single thing around me for 15 years in hopes to be better, be independent. And then she walked, chicken in hand, across the bridge she facilitated the construction of. Some days I walk with my chicken too. I feel that pride in accomplishment and it makes this grind so very, very worth it ♥️ #HiddenWomen, #HiddenWoman, catfootwear #WomenInConstruction, #WomenInTrades, #WeOutHere ...

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I made my blog live today! Being a girl with lots to say I need somewhere to put it all😅 I hope you all like it because I love sharing my thoughts and hearing yours! #blogger #blog #entreprenurlifestyle #businessblog #womenintrades #hiddenwomen ...

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Nice long weekend, back to the grind this week!! Happy Tuesday everyone 🌞 ...

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What’s that Rihanna song about work ?? ...

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🖤 Be Strong. -
We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed. -
2 Corinthians 4:8-9-
I took a break from firewood cutting, yet I'm still covered in sawdust... how is this possible? It's worse then glitter! -

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WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION! THIS GIVEAWAY IS HUGE but the call to action for your chance to win is even bigger...
In honor of International Women’s Day I've teamed up with catfootwear to help recognize the the often overlooked women in our industry through their #HiddenWomen Campaign which launches today and ends in May with a GRAND PRIZE (👇🏼).
Please share with us & the world (via the yellow nominee forms on my stories) a woman you know in the trades that has been making a name for herself in her construction career & why she deserves to be recognized. Share the nomination forms in your feeds and stories & make sure you tag me & catfootwear ❤️!
This campaign goes until May but lets kick it off strong on International Womens Day!!! Each woman you nominate TODAY and on WCW (Women In Construction
Wednesday) this week is an entry to win a pair of my favorite catfootwear “Echo” Boots! So screen shot those nominee forms and start shining the spotlight on our fellow #WIC. Let me know in comments when you do!!
#HiddenWomen is a 2 month long campaign that that will end in May with the first Emily Warren Roebling Achievement Award, along with $5,000! All of the women you nominate this week will be considered for the award, but more importantly their story will be told. Whose Emily Roebling you May ask. Brooklyn Bridge is your hint 😉. Check out the link in my profile to read more about her and this campaign.
I’m so grateful for this opportunity to represent you to brands that just get it. Let’s light a fire of celebrating women who are blazing a trail in our industry!
xoxo to Women who build our world and inspire me daily!

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Missing views like this, but I guess it’s nice to take breaks? Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. I could be mad or sad but I’m not. I’ve prayed about it and that’s all I can do right now. I know that things will work out according to the plan God has and I’m totally alright with that!
•“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:12-13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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It's throwback Thursday! Throwing it right back to last summer... Fixing a pinacle to the top of the west front gable at lincolncathedral 🙌 ⛪♥️ it's 3 weeks in to lockdown and I miss work so much!!! 😭♥️⛪⚒️
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