Jason Quigno was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan as part of the Anishinaabe. When he was 14 years old, his mother forced him into a sculpture class and his passion was ignited. Jason has continued sculpting stone for 30 years based in downtown Grand Rapids at his studio.

MEET: Jason Quigno
Artist medium: Stone
Asinaabe Studio
Grand Rapids, Michigan

His sculpture is inspired by his life – there is no set formula. He might see something in nature, a well designed building or piece of furniture, or from a story of his Native American heritage that he turns into an 18 foot installation.

His “zen boulder” series is one of his favorites. They are carved from local granite boulders that he picks himself.  He uses the natural shape and crust that took millions of years to form and enhances their natural beauty by carving and polishing specific areas to create a simple elegant design with two-tone effects.

His möbius/ ribbon style of work is some of the most challenging. He takes a block and carves away most of the block leaving a ribbon of stone. Jason says they are enjoyable to carve, but one mistake in balance, and they will break on you.

When he’s not sculpting, Jason loves to spend time with his family traveling, hiking, or just being inspired by nature. He has recently taken up photography – I’m sure we will see his pictures hanging in a gallery soon!

The Excavator XL
Jason says, “I love the heavy toe guard that’s what usually wears out first on my boots.”

If you are interested in seeing Jason’s work or commissioning a piece, you can contact him at jquigno@gmail.com or see his work at LaFontsee Galleries.